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How to protect The Coral Reefs

Protecting coral reefs is important to our foo  d chain. As a coral reef is the home for our beloved fish to reproduce, food supplies, and many more. If everyone does their best to protect the coral reefs, our food chain would not get destroyed.

bleaching ocean

STEP 1 Go to your nearest coral reef protection group and ask for anything you can do to protect your local reef coral reef. This can include cleanup duties, volunteering, job offers and many more. You can also ask a friend to help along as well.

STEP 2 Do not fish on or near the coral reefs. In some parts of the world, fishing is illegal and fines do apply. But most reefs don’t. Try and tell the residents in your area to stop fishing around or near the coral reefs. Tell them the types of risks that may happen if the coral reefs are killed

STEP 3 Be cautious as a tourist. Tourism is one of the most hazards to the coral reefs. When you go and snorkel, make sure you don’t step on the actual coral. Be careful when you are around the coral. Don’t press on them, hurt them in any type of way. Tell your friends to be careful. Also try to take the flash off of your camera.

STEP 4 Realize that fertilizer ends up in our coral reefs. Therefore, be careful of the toxins you contribute to the environment. Try to reduce the needs of fertilizing and go for composting instead. Composting has many benefits and will save not only your coral reefs but also reduces landfill waste.

STEP 5 Don’t pollute our seas. Your pollution can end up in our coral reefs which will kill and hurt the coral and sea creatures. It’s not hard to put your rubbish in a bin or tell your council to put a bin near the beach.



Gili’s Reefs

Coral 1 Coral 2 Coral 3 Coral 4

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The culture and life of the Sasak community

The culture and life of the Sasak community is still relatively untouched by the detrimental excesses of modernization. Their house are still made of bamboo, as is clearly visible in their walls and frames, while the roofs are made of tall grass. The most curious elements are the floor, which are made from a mixture containing water buffalo or cow dung

On the way to Lombok, there are at lest two places that are interesting enough to stop by at: Penunjak, an earthenware craft center; and Sade, a traditional village which still maintains typical but now all too rare working Sasak rice granary.

At fish glance, a granary looks like a bonnet and is an icon of Lombok which is often used as a decorative item of furniture, or as an ornament placed at intersection. In Sade though, you can see an original granary in action.

Many of Sade’s inhabitants make their livings from weaving and it’s possible to see the weaving process in action in houses which have been converted into small scale production facilities.

The women mostly do their weaving in the yard or under the granary, and buying their products means that you are doing your bit to support the preservation of Sasak culture.

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Lombok holiday: many happy, lasting memories

Located east of Bali is a beautiful island of Lombok. If you are looking for a holiday destination that offers relaxation and a chance to see the real Indonesia, the Lombok is the perfect location for you. Lombok Island is not crowded with tourists.

Many tourists, both from within and from abroad, visiting tourist attractions in Lombok. One is Gili, a small island that offers beautiful panoramic views are quite large.

Gili – One Of Beauty Tourist Attractions in Lombok

Gili area (call for small islands), is one of the tourist areas in Lombok is a magnet for tourists. Dynamics in Gili, increasingly offer welfare to the people around who live there. The Gili area that has been frequently visited by tourists is Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno.

You can be sure that the Gili will offer luxury, tranquility and a variety of activities to be enjoyed. With stunning scenery and warm climate, Lombok holiday will leave you with many happy, lasting memories.

A holiday Lombok has much to offer in terms of activities and attractions. All three became major tourist attractions in Lombok favorite for tourists to do snorkeling or diving. Surely not only the sea just two activities that can be done there, tourists can also just relax, enjoy the beauty of the beach directly opposite the Mount Rinjani. The beauty of the sunrise behind Mount Rinjani is a beautiful natural painting unmatched. A natural beauty to offer the tourist attractions in Lombok.

Your adventure begins at the Gili Meno. When you get to tourist attractions in Lombok, you should take a break at Kontiki Bungalows, you are assured a warm welcome and the service impeccable. You’ll find areas to relax, along with various facilities level 1.

Beachside restaurant serving Indonesian and western food is simple and snacks throughout the day. Barbeque beach with excellent fresh fish.

Lombok holiday spot overlooking not only beautiful, but also facilitate the visitors with a variety of comfortable amenities.

All who are on holiday spots in Lombok are available only for the tourists. Getting started tonight, the warm life on the coast of Gili Meno. Do not forget to watch the beautiful sunset in the west of this small island, you can reach it by riding a bicycle or cidomo (a type of wagon).

If you are going to do snorkelling, Gili Meno, Lombok sights are right. Do not miss the opportunity, if you try an underwater adventure. Furthermore, the colors of nature, Gili Meno, Lombok will make your holiday you will be amazed to see it

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Culture Presean Lombok

Culture Peresean Lombok is one of the many cultural communities owned by Lombok, Peresean which means the fight by using Penjalin (Rattan) as a tool o’clock and Ende (Shield) as a protective device was already known by the people of Lombok for a long time.

Peresean culture is one culture that spelled out “hard” because in this culture PLAYERS (Pepadu) will show an action at each other until one of them issued a fresh blood, however the culture is full of “violence” was still on the preserve until at this time.

The uniqueness of this Peresean Culture can you see when the Pepadu (Warriors) have started hitting each other action-at using Penjalin (Rottan), when the battle starts the drummers will play a traditional musical instrument of Lombok island, so it goes with the style lenggak pertarunganpun- swing from both Pepadu (fighter) in tune with the traditional musical instrument played by the drummers, Pepadu (Warriors) each block and hit your opponent until one of them to leak or bleed because there is one of those who surrendered.

Culture Peresean outburst stems from the soldiers in the kingdom era jebot epidemic, after the royal soldier managed to beat the opponent in battle. Until now Peresean still preserve the culture and in Budayakan by Sasak tribal society with tujun to test the courage or guts Cadet (Youth) Sasak it is also the main goal in this Peresean lestarikannya Culture is to attract interest from foreign tourists and local tourists.

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Waterfall Sendang Gila in Mataram

This place was right under the foot of Mount Rinjani in the village Senaru. This waterfall consists of two parts, namely the first and second parts.

This waterfall has a height of about 31 meters and emerges from the cliff and fell into the river that is not too deep, so it makes a lot of happy tourists swimming or just a shower under a beautiful waterfall.

Located about 6 km from downtown Mataram, there are Waterfall Sendang Gila Or commonly called Sendang Gile by most people of Lombok.

The atmosphere offered at this waterfall was so peaceful and comfortable, away from the frenetic urban atmosphere that sometimes makes earache. So do not be surprised a lot of people who come to this place just to eliminate the fatigue and boredom of urban routines.

Waterfall Sendang Gila has a unique story and myth. Supposedly according to the trust the people around, the waterfall is inadvertently discovered during the current crazy lion hunt was often disruptive in one local village. Then the lion was off into the woods, where the waterfall is found. This is the origin of this waterfall is called Waterfall Sendang Gila,

Not only is able to offer a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, many people who believe that there is magical power of this waterfall where one can stay young if a shower or washes her face with a waterfall. Believe it or not depends on you.

Location of the waterfall is very easy to reach using public transport. If you pass this place the Mataram can be reached via two paths, paths and trails Pusuk Senggigi. When you are through the atmosphere Pusuk you’ll be treated to the cool mountain air and lush forests.

Not only that, if you are in the peak commonly called Pusuk Pas, you can see lots of monkeys that have been tamed to roam. Usually the tourists stop by to feed the herd of monkeys around Pusuk.

You can also pamper yourself if passing lane Senggigi. You will see the beautiful beaches and clusters of three Gili islands. Both of these paths meet at the village Pamenang. After that you will pass through several villages including Cape government center.

Arriving at the Sendang Gila, After that you will pass hundreds of steps to the location of the second waterfall that looks smaller and the water falls directly downward toward the river.

In contrast to the first waterfall, the water is deposited to form a pool, the atmosphere at the top of the waterfall is makes you want to immediately soak in cold water.

So if you want to stop by and visit waterfalls sempatkanlah Sendang Gila stopover in the first waterfall.

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Woven Sasak (Sukarara, Lombok)

Woven fabric or cloth known as songket is the hallmark of the island of Lombok. Songket cloth is a woven fabric made by adding weft technique, decoration was made by inserting a silver thread, gold thread or yarn lungsi color above, sometimes there is also decorated with beads, shells or coins. Now this center is the village craftsmen Sukarara songket, here if you want to buy the traditional woven cloth Lombok, and see how the weavers do their jobs.

Its location is 25 miles by road from the city of Mataram. The village is very interesting to visit because of the daily activities of people in this village had been weaving. The hallmark of the village Sukarara woven is woven using gold thread, this village has been known to be one of the most visited attractions by domestic and foreign guests. In this village along the road are many shops that sell fabric woven from local villages as well as from the surrounding villages.

The women in traditional Sasak village with clothes are always ready to demonstrate their skills. But other than songket cloth is known today was a lot of the women who weave these activities are still carried the traditional way, the classic way aka ancient times, in addition to keeping the traditions as well as a tourist attraction.

Manufacture of woven fabrics of classical or traditional ways of preparing these is the manufacture of yarn and dye manufacture. Making yarn traditionally by using weights that diputar2 with jari2 hand, the weight shaped like a top made of wood or terracotta.

Materials to make yarn other than cotton, bark, banana fiber, pineapple fiber, palm leaves etc.. Making color substance consisting of two colors blue and red. The blue color obtained from indigo or Mirinda Citrifonela or noni. In addition there are other dyes from plants like kesumba (sono rivet), which would really deeehh jaduull … but fun!
Regarding this macam2 songket motifs, there is a chicken motif, there is another motive trus eight flowers, four flower motifs and is still very much anymore motif2 other, let alone getting into the rural part of the more motif2 with masing2 sense, meaning each motif has a meaning and sendiri2 meaning. Na if temen2 now prefers lizard motif (see also Kain songket Sasak) because the people of Lombok believe these animals can bring good luck

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Three major cities in Lombok

Three major cities in Lombok – Ampena, Mataram and Cakranegara – have expanded over the years and are now joined together to create what is, to Lombok, an urban sprawl of shops, administrative centers and residential areas.

Visits to the cities to make an interesting day trip, lombok cheap hotels, exploring the small shops that sell everything imaginable at low prices. There are many shops selling pearls in Ampena pearls and pearl jewelry set with a cheaply. This genuine pearls from pearl farms in Lombok and Sumbawa, and if your bid price, is a good deal. Gold shops are also popular in Ampenan and Chakra, with 24 kt gold sold by the gram, regardless of the design.

For cheap and interesting food choices, explore the many restaurants, shops and food stalls in the cities. Or just roam the streets to soak up the atmosphere and insight to find city life attractive to Lombok!

Ampenan is a genuine old port in Lombok during the Dutch colonial period and some of the old architecture still visible around town, especially on the coast to the west. This area is a night market, filled with stalls and street vendors (food carts) to taste cheap, delicious and local Lombok foods. With its variety of shops, lombok cheap hotels, dusty roads and many cidomo (wagon house), gold and pearl shops, and the Arab quarter, Ampenan is a colorful city to explore.

Roek Gardens, just near the traffic lights at Ampenan on the road from the airport, is the site of the local market. Every day trader who set up stalls selling fresh fish in the afternoon when the fishing boats entered. A walk through the market is spicy and enlightening experience!

Mataram, about 3 km to the east Ampenan, is the administrative center for Lombok and Sumbawa (NTB), with government offices, lombok cheap hotels, banks, mosques, schools and colleges, book stores, major post office, fabric store lombok and downtown Mataram University.

In Mataram, The Nusa Tenggara Barat Museum houses artifacts of history and culture of Lombok and Sumbawa. This is an interesting place to visit and occasionally hosts special exhibitions. Displays include exhibits of geology, history and culture. Address: Jl. Panji Tilar. There is a small entrance fee. Also visited is the cultural center, the Cultural Park on Jl. Majapahit. Music and dance performances presented here on a regular basis.

Mataram Mall, on the main road in Mataram, has a trial of food for local Lombok food is cheap. Only a real mall Lombok, there are four floors of shops and stalls selling a large selection of goods. Supermarket, on the ground floor, is useful for some western goods, food and toiletries. Lombok restaurant have outlets on the ground floor.

Cakranegara (usually abbreviated as “Cakra”) is the main shopping area of Lombok. It is also home to many Chinese and Bali, which make up more than 50 percent of urban dwellers. Streets of the city makes an interesting tour to lombok cheap hotels, the gold shops, sporting goods, clothing stores, Lombok food and fabric store lombok that sell very well imported silks, laces and cotton, to name a few. Many industrial weaving and basket making Lombok is located near the Cakra; turn left at traffic lights and look for the market center on the right near the bridge. Basket especially for sale in Bali at many times the local price.

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“Gendang Beleq” Traditional Music lombok

Who does not know Lombok, the island that saves a lot of exotic culture and natural beauty that is able to conjure any bertandang.Terletak indan to dating in the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB). Thousand culture is one nickname for this small island.

One of the known culture is “traditional music Gendang Beleq “. Gendang Beleq which means the Big Drum is one of the indigenous people of Lombok traditional music, traditional music Gendang Beleq is a mixture of traditional Balinese music with traditional music of Lombok is composed of several tools such as drums, Kerinci, cymbals, flutes and gongs.

Gendang Beleq is usually in use by most people of Lombok in a large events such as nyongkol and Kitan. However, at present correspond to advances in the field of tourism Gendang Beleq often in performances to the tourists who visit the island of Lombok in order to attract and give the impression to the tourists.

For those of you who want to feel and see firsthand the cultures found on the island of Lombok please come and see for yourself.

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Beautiful Views

In Lombok, there is beauty everywhere that one cares to look. White sandy beaches, a waterfall in the middle of a forest and green cratered volcanoes, all await the adventurous tourist.

A new international airport is due to open on Lombok in early 2011, and this famous pearl producing island hope to attract more visitors to its shores as a result.

If you have many time, to kill on Lombok, then you should really visit the Gili Meno Islands Gili Air Islands, Gili Trawangan Islands, and the weaving craft center in Sukarara which is only a few kilometers from the capital, Mataram.

If you have more time at your disposal, then don’t miss out on a cultural tour of a traditional Sasak village and the majestic southern coast that stretches out from Kuta (in terms of tourist numbers, the complete opposite of its Balinese namesake).

In an attempt to avoid the main tourist throng, an area filled with bungalows which nestle among rows of palm trees. in fact the best beaches in the region are to be found on the Gilis, the three legendary islands just off the northwest coast of Lombok which are a magnet for beach lovers, divers and party animals alike.

Stories about the trio of Gili Meno Islands Gili Air Islands, Gili Trawangan Islands started to circulate decades ago among European tourists, who would stay there for months on end.

These tourist pioneers enjoyed the many panoramas that the islands offered, as well as the great snorkeling and the mellow beaches that were free of motorised vehicles.

The lustre of these Gili Meno Islands Gili Air Islands, Gili Trawangan Islands currently shines even brighter now that Lonely Planet has featured them as one of its Top 10 Regions in its Best in Travel 2011 guide.

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Gili Meno – Island With Blue Coral Reefs

Off the northwest coast of Lombok Island there are three small islands of Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. Sights on the third island is very beautiful with clean white beaches and clear water. Marine parks around the three islands is known to be very beautiful and a habitat for a variety of beautiful fish and colorful.

This place is very suitable for tourism activities, especially water diving or snorkeling. Or snorkel divers should be careful of reef fish (stonefish) at this place because the fish is highly toxic and usually live in coral reefs. Expanse of blue corals are found only in two places of the world, on the Caribbean Sea, and between Gili Meno and Gili Air.

This place can be reached by bus from the terminal to the ward-winner Mandalika, within 27 miles, crossed by boat 20 minutes to Gili Air, Gili Meno 30 minutes and 45 minutes to Gili Trawangan. For the accommodation available at this third dyke.

Gili Meno is one of three small islands located between the region tourist. Letaknya gili Trawangan and Gili air.Dari mataram about 45 minutes away to take the tourist area of ​​Senggigi berlatarkan stunning views of the beach or through the monkey forest tourist area of ​​protected forest accompanied Pusuk is dense.

Here there is a bird park which has a collection of rare birds from Indonesia and Western. The Sand naturally very white and still be a place suitable for a family vacation.

Gili Meno island which lies between Gili Air and Gili Trawangan is the island with a population of at least in the region. This island is perfect for travelers who like peace and quiet while enjoying the beauty of the beach. Atmosphere of the beach on the east side of the island is very pleasant and the air-snorkel.

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